TORKS Flight Instruction Program

It is a primary Goal of TORKS to provide training for all current members to allow them to learn to safely fly radio control aircraft.

To achieve this goal, the ORIENTATION MANAGER is appointed by the President with the following duties and responsibilities:

1. Contact all existing members to determine if any existing members need or desire flight training.
2. Meet with all new members; go through orientation and ground school. Determine if new members need flight training.
3. Maintain a list of all students desiring flight training including contact information.
4. Solicit flight instructors from the club membership.
5. Maintain a list of all instructors including contact information.
6. Assign flight instructors to all students. Arrange for flight instruction to commence for all students.
7. Follow up with students to ensure they are receiving the training support they need. If they are not, adjust as necessary.
8. Report on status of all students at the monthly TORKS meetings.

All members desiring flight instruction should contact the orientation manager listed below;

2012 Flying Season

Orientatation Manger         Phone                  Email

                      Jermaine Jones                (614)316-6268